The Greatest

21 Dec

If he is better.

So much better…

Then I am the best!

If he never could had made it without you…

I never would have been without you

Break me.

You could try.

Break down.

Shit, I tried.

But here I stand

Head never bowed

Just as proud.

Knowing that everything is a lesson.

And Grace should be my middle name.

Cause I should’ve

Cause I could’ve

But Thank God I didn’t

Strength, courage and wisdom,

It’s all I know.

It’s what I am.

I’m over my fears

Cleansed my soul through nights and days filled with tears

No one ever tells you

Freedom is never free

Paid the cost

Through friendships, lovers, dreams, desires, faith, and family

For the privilege to wear this smile

Love has transformed me.

It sustained me during my lowest point.

Soothing my pain and allowing for my change.

Glad I know my worth

I won’t settle for part                            when I deserve it all.

I let them talk


Cause I know the truth.

Who I am.

Don’t gotta explain to no one

Prove to anyone.

Let it be known

That above all things

And under all the lies

I am a child of God

And that makes me


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Posted by on December 21, 2009 in Learning bout Tab!, Poetry


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