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Naw, never that.

Forever trapped?

I can’t have that.

So I will do what you fail to do

close the revolving door that was…

was our love, our friendship, our dreams, our future

Locked away in the past

where harsh words, tears, hurt, anger & pain can’t tarnish the memory of us.

You are forever a part of me- my past & my history.

So I’m refusing to injure the memory of what was, with what’s coming to be.


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Do you know who my friends are?

I am blessed to know some pretty amazing people, doing some pretty amazing things. My best friend Ojay Morgan’s is apart of a House of Ladosha (shout out to Antonio and Adam) well be head lining Fierce Gay-la along with Staceyann Chin, Meshell Ndegeocello and Toshi Reagon. I am a huge fan of them all, times like these I wish I was closer to NYC so that I could support.

Fierce Gayla

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The kids don’t stand a chance

Off and on for a year I have been substitute teaching in Palm Beach County public schools. Before that I worked in the Philadelphia school system for the better part of 2 years.

I have been inspired, frustrated, entertained, enraged, encouraged, and disillusioned in the process of working with the youth of America.

Last week I got B.O.B. new album. “The Kids” featuring Janelle Monae, is clear stand out in my opinion. It echoes how I feel about children in today’s society, particularly black children. There are so many odds stacked against these children it is easy to believe that “they don’t stand a chance”.  That is of course a self defeating prophesy, if you believe that there is no hope-there will be.

Janelle’s verse provides an accurate assessment to the realities while also providing hope for the situation.

Sometimes its hard to grow
While living in fear of the unknown.
Album coming soon
How can he ever give love,
When no love is in his heart.

A child can barely sleep at night,
Too worried bout tomorrow.
And what it behold, he drowned himself,
Deep down in his sorrow.

Will you run or will you show your life,
Tell a stories, live and try.
See it when were given hope,
That we would know we can grow.

I am looking forward to her album. Chick is GORGOROUS with a beautifully pure voice. She is very unique- exactly what music needs right now.