Mid-year Check in

01 Jun

Good morning June! We are officially into the second half of 2010, already. So it is time to take a look at my goals for 2010 for a mid-year check up.

  1. Save consistently- I been saving bi-weekly and monthly in both my emergency and travels funds.
  2. Spend a month in Central America- I have a plane ticket to leave for Guatemala and if all goes according to plan- I will be there from June 2-July 2. More information later on all the issues that I have encountered achieving this goal at a later time.
  3. Learn Spanish- I will be taking one-on-one Spanish lessons and doing the whole immersion thing in Guatemala so hopefully I am at least conversational at the end of the experience.
  4. Visit Brazil for my birthday and New Years – Have not started to prepare for this, but I will after I am back from Guatemala.
  5. Spend more time volunteering –Have not done this yet.
  6. Read 2-3 books a week- I started off really good on this and really fell off- starting back soon.
  7. Visit the West Coast of the US (Vegas and the Grand Canyon) – I visited Arizona and I am pretty sure the Grand Canyon and Vegas will occur this year.
  8. Start my doctoral studies- I was accepted into 4 Doctoral programs- I decided on Arizona State University and I am moving the first week of August.
  9. Spend more time with the elderly and family Failed; I have not seen my Grandmother in 2 years. I will fix this when I get back in the state. I have spent time with my parents but not enough time with the nephews and niece.
  10. Move outside the box….and live there. I have been a lot more receptive to new things this year- I am really on a search for adventure, this has been seen in the people I have been dating and some of my life choices. I am completely responsible for my own happiness. I am living life with no regrets.

I am actually pretty impressed. I have reached about 8 ½ of my 10 goals. I am confident that I will hit them all by the end of the year!

*I am typing this on my new netbook mini- perfect for blogging in Guatemala!*


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