My Style versus the Phoenix Sun

18 Jul

They say clothes don’t make the man or in my case woman. But I beg to differ- just a bit. Who would Micheal be without the white socks and high-watered pants? The Micheal comparison is valid because I am pretty much the Greatest.

As I begin packing my clothing for my move to Arizona I realized the sheer number of button down shirts and sweaters that I own. The amount should not really come as a surprise because I like collared shirts especially button downs. I am black girl who spent her secondary education being the token black girl. It makes sense that my style is a bit preppy. I am from Florida I like to rock the pinks, purples and greens, thanks to the influence of Lily Pulitzer – it is a Palm Beach lifestyle.  To  me there is nothing better than a freshly pressed button down shirt top with a sweater vest. I like it.

The more I began to think about this move the more anxiety I have over what will I wear in Arizona?!?! Should I pack the sweaters/ collared shirts in a box strictly for winter and keep them in Florida? Or should I bring them with me? It is probably more than a little ridiculous that I continue to wear button downs in the summer, but Oxfords are fashionable in the summer and pretty breathable. But what about my beloved sweater vest? Can I rock them in 110 degree heat without looking crazy? My friend in Arizona tells me that everyone dresses down and that my style will change. I don’t want my style to change. I like my style. I feel comfortable in my style.  I don’t even mind the Ellen DeGeneres comparisons. I have even been known to wear button down dresses.

More so than being my individual style, it has been past down to my brother and has become a family style.

I refuse to put away the sweaters, button downs and of course sweater vests for something as insignificant as heat. It’s my signature style and it is coming with me to the desert.

Since I have yet to be in Arizona when the temperature is over 100 degrees, I  reserve the right to change my mind about wearing long sleeve shirts, sweater vest and sweaters. The heat might bring me to reality…might.

~Just Tab


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