The Arizona life…

24 Oct

I’m tired.

Physically tired.

Emotionally exhausted.

Mentally drained. (No worries though, I am still pretty)

Been doing a lot. So I will attempt to update you on the last two and half months of my life.

I moved to Arizona with the help of my parents. We explored the West for a bit before they left me all alone with my dog.

Got friendly with students and went to sporting events. My first ASU football game and WNBA game.

Went to the gun range. Shot a .22 and a 9mm. Went to my first country concert to see Rascal Flatts and Kelli Pickler. I’m a republican what else did you expect?

Saw Fences @ the Black Theatre Troupe with a classmate. Spent hours talking in the parking lot to a couple I just met. I get excited when I see black people with natural hair.

Kicked it with Taryn and her mother Linda.

Stop by NYC to see Broadway show with my lil brother and kick it with some amazing people. I do love the East Coast.

Oh and I am reading, grading, writing an obscene amount. After all I am here for SCHOOL.

The semester is almost done. The transition has been pretty good but I am ready for the break.

Stay tune for a real blog soon.

~Just Tab….


Posted by on October 24, 2010 in Arizona, Learning bout Tab!, my friends


3 responses to “The Arizona life…

  1. Taryn's Mom

    October 25, 2010 at 6:53 am

    Just wanted to say that we have been blessed to have Tabitha!! She has shown herself to be a pretty amazing friend…. Kinda love that chic!!

  2. Miki

    October 25, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Well, you look like you’re having a ball! Thanks for the update.

  3. justtab

    November 25, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Thanks Taryn’s Mom. I am sure Tabitha loves you too.

    Miki..I’m doing ok out here 🙂 Life is never too bad when you are attractive, lol.


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