Canyon of Grand

23 Nov

This weekend my little brother came to visit me in Arizona. This makes him my first real visitor (people step your game up, I need company). I decided not to do any work this weekend because I don’t have a million things to do in a very limited time period- in order to spend time with Jeremiah. On Monday, we drove to the Grand Canyon.  Fun fact…it gets cold there! We spent the morning driving through sleet and snow.

Despite the weather, it was packed. It took us 45 min just to get in!

Somehow we managed to get lost looking for the rim, I mean its not like we were looking for a giant hole in the ground with a crowd of people walking in the direction of this hole…eventually we found it!

This was Jeremiah’s first real time in snow. Who would have thought he would have to come from Jersey to Arizona for snow?!?!

At least some one was able to get work done…

The weather cleared up nicely for the drive backBy the way I am now painfully aware I have no winter clothes here in AZ. I had to wear 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts, a sweatshirt and my windbreakers to stay warm!

On a good note…I was able to brave the weather, not argue with my brother and drive 8hrs (round trip) with my little brother. 🙂

Now off to do my work. Back to…


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