Ms. Edwards

08 Dec

Really random things make me sad.

I didn’t know this woman.

I never met her.

But I did see her on Oprah. She always seemed to be smiling.

Maybe its because she is someone’s mother

Or the fact that she had a trifling ass husband.

It could be that I believe cancer has already claimed too many people lives.

I read that the cancer had spread yesterday to her liver and her family was rushing to be by her side. I said a little prayer and kept it moving…thinking she would have just a little bit more time.

Turns out her time ran out this morning. I hope nothing was left unsaid or undone.

My God bless and keep her family. I am not as confident about the European life cycle. Do they join the ancestral world? Wherever it is that white people who believed in whatever she believed in go when they die, in the most non-facetious way possible I hope she gets there safely.

Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010

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