Goals for Twenty-Eleven (2011)

31 Dec

My list from last year was pretty successful. I accomplished pretty much everything. I did not go to Brazil because I decided I Haiti was a better choice. I also did not spend as much time with the elderly as I said I would. Nevertheless I think I did a pretty good job and had an amazing year. I laughed, cried, loved and most importantly was open to the possibilities. So here goes my list for 2011…

1.       Travel to 5 new countries.

2.       Perfect my Spanish. Start learning Creole.

3.       Volunteer. Get matched with a little sister. Volunteer at the Juvenile Detention Center and teaching English as a foreign language.

4.       Be more family oriented.

5.       Present at four conferences. At least  one national conference. I have already been accepted to one conference in March.

6.       Get something published in an academic journal.

7.       Spend more time naked. Maybe go skinny dipping in the ocean. Or find a Black nudist colony.

8.       Spend more time on my creative writing.

9.       Strengthen and nurture my relationship with my family, friends, lovers, ancestors and God.

10.   Smile more. Listen more. Dance more. Laugh more. Learn more. Flirt more (if that even possible)

11.   Tithe more consistently and faithfully.

As always I am striving to live outside of the box and remain open to all life’s possibility. You know just be positive and grateful about this life I am living.

As I typed this last night after dinner, Chris from Sweden read my list. He decided to make his own list of goals. My favorite goal of his was #3 “Have more unprotected sex with random women. (preferably irish)”. The rest were tamer like spend time with family, work less, etc. He was dead serious about #3.

I hope you had a wonderful 2010. I hope if you made any goals for 2010, that you made strides towards achieving them. I pray your 2011 will be better than your 2010 and better than even you can imagine.

With lots of love and the last time this year                               .

~Just Tab.

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