Can’t forget about Haiti…

27 Mar

I do know that it has been 2 months since I left Haiti. My apologies, life gets hectic sometimes.  So where did we leave off? I was starting to like the white people. I actually ended up really liking them and more so respecting them. Especially Andy, the man who started European Disaster Volunteers.  He started EDV after surviving the Tsunami disaster in Asia. His girlfriend at the time was not as lucky and died in the tsunami. After he recovered from his injuries he return to Thailand to help rebuild. He has since worked in Chile after the earthquake in disaster relief. The man is sincere and genuine. But enough of him…here are some pictures…

There a bit disjointed…and the music selection may seem a bit random. The point is to show you aspects of my trip without making you feel like you were on the journey with me. See the people I met without feeling like you are seeing a save the children commercial. There are no titles…no narrative. So make up your own story or meanings about the pictures. The ethics of travel can be pretty problematic. I can critique white people going to save Haiti…but there is still a critique that I can do on myself from my privilege well-educated subject position. The fact that I am Black and in my head I am not going to save anybody, does not resolve me of the issues and ethical dilemmas that hegemony marks on my “American” body on foreign soil.


European Disaster Volunteers is a pretty great organization one that I would recommend to those interested in traveling or donating to a NGO in Haiti. Yes, I do still keep up with some of the people I met in Haiti…shout out to G-Chat. 🙂 But now that I finally uploaded the Haiti pictures…perhaps I will be updating more frequently.

Much love…

~Just Tab

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