Oprah-Who will make me cry now?!?!

16 Apr

So it’s 1:40 in the morning. I just finished watching today’s Oprah show on my DVR. The show was about this little 6 year old boy who was abused and forced to live in a closet by his parents. The story in itself is sad, the things that we as humans inflict on others…so as I am watching and of course crying for this loss of this little boy who is now 19 childhood. I am thinking who else will able to have me in tears at the disregard of humanity by society, but yet inspire me with the resilience of human spirit. 27 episodes left till no more Oprah. I know there will be a huge void in my life knowing that I won’t have her Monday-Friday for a hour. Oprah’s not dying or disappearing. I have the OWN network, which is amazing but still The Oprah Winfrey show ending marks the end of an era. At the end of the show a young woman who saw the Oprah episode when they originally profiled the little boy and the abuse in 2000, from the show she was inspired to tell a teacher about her own sexual abuse. In the show in 2000, Oprah said if you are abused tell someone. This child who was watching listened. That’s power. The impact and power that is “Oprah” constantly humbles me and inspires me to be an agent of change. If Oprah, this little black girl from Mississippi can make such a difference in the lives of so many people both directly and indirectly… Why can’t I?

I knew it was coming. I really did. But this countdown to the end makes it all too real. There is a date for the final show, for MY OPRAH’S Final show!!!! In the coming weeks expect way too many post about Oprah. I can’t afford therapy so this will have to do. Oprah’s leaving is not helping my abandonment issues AT ALL!

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