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Things I don’t like to talk about…updates.

Things I don’t like talking about: school/academia and my relationships.

Things my friends like asking about: school/academia and my relationships.

I prefer to talk about my savior- Blue Ivy Carter, CrossFit, Beyonce, my abs , Dhubai, Oprah and more Blue Ivy Carter. Don’t get me wrong there are times I do talk about the random people I am dating or what’s going on in my academic life. However, I have found the writing of my dissertation to be incredibly draining and all-consuming. I think about the writing of it, revising, defending it, future job plans ALL THE TIME! So it is often the last thing I want to discuss with others, I like to give myself a mental break from the dissertation, especially when I am engaging with others in social contexts.

445Likewise with dating, I am way more apt to share stories of the ridiculous experiences I am having with people I have no plans to take seriously. I tend to guard relationships and people that I see as viable partners away from the early scrutiny of friends and family. Or I speak about them in a very nonchalant way. “We cool.”  “We just kickin’ it.”

With that being said- I have some updates (just in case you were wondering).

My original plan was to defend my dissertation in the spring–like two weeks from now. While I was on track to do this, ASU introduced a summer graduate fellowship. This fellowship provides funding for advance PhD and MFA students. The amount of funding they were offering was extremely tempting for a person like me who planned to live off her parents for the summer. Since summer funding at my university is so rare, plenty of people were also excited at the possibility. In order to apply, I had to withdraw my spring graduation application. Which was cool because I realized summer completion was  a better option anyway( gives me more time before I have to pay Sallie Mae).  279

I found out yesterday I got the fellowship.  This is going to allow me the opportunity to fine tune aspects of dissertation and work on it without any teaching commitments.  I am also moving. May 12 is my last day in Arizona. I am headed to Florida for the summer. As always I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, I might be in your city as some point.

As for the fall, I am planning to make Philly my home base. Yep, I am going back to Philly, Philly, Philly. Why? Not enough murders in Florida for me. That was a joke. As much as I hate the cold and dirtiness of the North—it does have the cultural and educational opportunities that Florida lacks. I am ironing out my master plan. I am focus and committed to constructing the life that I want.

Still why Philly? There are universities and theatres in Chicago, NYC, DC, etc. This leads me to the second thing I hate talking about—relationships. Young Tab, is planning to make her long distance relationship- a live-in relationship. I’ll tell you more later…I hear my father reads this blog.


In other news I am still a CrossFit junkie. I am getting stronger as I continue to preach the gospel of CrossFit. I have one more competition here in AZ before I move.  I been enjoying running and mudruns. Crazy, since I hate being dirty or running. Also, I have really been liking white people…like calling them my friends!  Blue Ivy is amazing and beautiful. The light of my life and continues to be the background on my phone. Isis is doing great, she is looking forward to her summer in Florida. I am planning to make a documentary about my summer( like Beyonce’ s Life is but a dream) mostly for my own enjoyment.

438  451

I think that’s about it. I am excited about new adventures and sharing them with you.


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Take the time…

When I was a child I hated gospel music. This is a shame because the 90’s was one of the best eras for gospel music. Perhaps like the color pink, I didn’t like gospel because it was forced on me and I was expected to like it. My appreciation for both pink and gospel eventually came when I was older and encountered them on my own terms. But there were a few songs that I actually enjoyed, one being “Somebody prayed for me.”

Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind. They took the time and prayed for me. I’m so glad they prayed.

While, there has been some significant developments in my life, most things have remained consistent. Prayfully, I will have some good news to share in the next couple of weeks and more definitive information about the status of my life. I just wanted to encourage you to take the time to pray for someone today. I am sure they will be glad, I know I am.

~Just Tab

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